Delivering First-Class Garden Services That Bring Style to Your Premises in Llanon, Ceredigion

Although many homeowners invest much time into their property, the importance of a beautifully designed garden space is often overlooked. At Advanced Forestry & Garden Services, in Llanon, Ceredigion, we offer exceptional garden services by talented landscapers who transform your outdoor space into a tranquil paradise.

Expert Garden Maintenance by Skilled Landscapers

We have been responsible for the maintenance on Cors Caron Nature Reserve and Coed Reidol Nature Reserve since 2008. Serving customers in Llanon, Ceredigion and surrounding areas, we specialise in: 

Chipper and operative available to hire at competative rates

Pruning – An Important Part of General Tree Maintenance

Crown Lifting – This Includes the Removal of Lower Branches

Crown Reduction – This Involves Reducing the Overall Size

Pollarding – Pollarding Includes the Removal of All Branches

Tree Dismantling – We Perform This by way of Climbing and Removing Trees in Sections

Tree Felling – This Includes the Removal of the Tree Completely

Dangerous Trees – We Eliminate Risk by Removing Trees That Overhang Buildings or Are Close to Power Lines, Dead, Uprooted, or Windblown

ornamental tree

Hassle-Free Garden Services for Landscapes

Enjoy a luscious, neatly cut, green garden that is free of weeds or unwanted growths. As part of our garden services, we offer invasive-weed and species control, including the elimination of rhododendron and Japanese knotweed. Our forestry and landscaping services also include the pruning of shrubbery and ornamental trees, as well as:

Grass Cutting – Brush Cutting or Strimming – Hedge Cutting – Woodland Creation.


Enhancing the Appearance of Your Property

Set your property apart by putting your trust in our versatile landscapers. We install stylish gates, stiles, handrails, benches, and bridges to enhance your property’s exterior. Simply get in touch to discuss the cost and details of your project, and receive an in-depth quotation. All of our arborists are fully insured, NPTC™-qualified, and specialise in:
Hard and Soft Landscaping – Groundwork, Drainage, and Septic Tanks – Stonework,Decking, Patios, and Driveways

Contact us, in Llanon, Ceredigion, to find out more about the exceptional garden services offered by our dedicated landscapers.